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With specifications of the highest standards of reliability and safety, Petrol Gasoline Stations (a company of Grupo De La Vega, and now supplied and branded by ARCO) appointed HIVISION LED as the supplier of an ambitious totem project in Petrol Service Station - ARCO.


Designed by Mercátika and built by DesignNeon, the totem integrates a 10 mm pitch LED front access outdoor LED screen, with a system designed by HIVISION LED to display daily fuel prices and promotions for the adjacent Superette store simultaneously.


The dual signal wiring is double redundancy for reliability. Two media players working together integrate the system and deploy the content. A crucial part of the project consisted of the development of special software by HIVISION LED to be able to update the fuel rate on the screen and integrate it seamlessly with in-house software developed by Gasolineras Petrol, used in all its service stations and updated daily. In addition, the display of promotional videos needed to be managed independently from the fuel price section (through the HVL CMS content management software platform), updating promotional content every 2 weeks without affecting the fuel price section.

The system also includes screenshots view available to clients, to verify any problem or anomaly in the content or the fuel price.

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