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Orthosmile Dental & Spa, is a company always at the forefront in technology to provide the best dental care service to its customers. Orthosmile is distinguished by its professional orthodontic service, with internationally renowned specialists.
For this project, Orthosmile was very clear that it should have first-class digital signage systems, to automate content management, that was robust and flexible to deploy different material reliably. The Orthosmile staff produces an important amount of videographic material derived from clinical cases, presentations in international orthodontic forums, suppliers' products, and other relevant material for their clients.
HIVISION LED designed a solution that included layout design for content, system configuration, content software design, interior wiring to give flexibility to future expansion of the system, as well as providing an optimized way to upload new material to the HIVISION platform. LED by the staff as it is generated.
The result was very satisfactory for the client, achieving a professional environment that reflects the use of the latest technology, with informative content that creates a unique experience for the clients of Orthosmile Dental & Spa.

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